Go Box Entry Guide Lines 2019

  1. No Call Sign or identity visible on your Box or components.
  2. Each entry will be identified by a unique Number when placed on the show table.
  3. Go Box and any accessories with it must not exceed 65 pounds in weight.
  4. Box and any accessories must not exceed 6 feet in length when in stored deployment condition.
  5. Competitive entries will have HF and at least one High Band (VHF/UHF) capability, as well as capability for Phone, CW, and Digital communications.
  6. Those which are ready to operate out of the box with zero infrastructure support will receive the greatest consideration by the judge. This means no infrastructure, such as utility power.
  7. Entrant may place a list of the capabilities on a single sheet of paper, on or adjacent to their box.
  8. Do not place your call sign on anything that will be visible to the judge as they view your entry from the table.